Our Story

GO Painting was built differently. We built the company from the ground up based on 15 years of experience providing exceptional commercial painting contracting service and unbeatable results for our clients.

The foundation is the most important element of construction. GO Painting was built on the foundation of producing large-scale, exterior rehabilitation projects with existing residents or tenants.

This foundation required us to think differently than most construction companies and to create a service that is nimble and caters to the needs of our clients.

The Go Approach

As premier commercial painting contractors we provide first-in-class communication, project management, service, quality and overall timelines that will make your projects painless and simple to manage.



You will have our cell phone number…AND, we will answer your calls!
We work with you to design a custom production plan.
Throughout the project everyone from tenant to owner is kept up to date with notices, calls and/or access to your GoSee portal.


GoSee Technology

Your project will have a custom portal that allows you to receive project updates, submit questions or requests, and view FAQ’s specific to your project. It also allows residents or tenants to communicate directly with us for customer service issues, eliminating the number of phone calls to management groups.


Customer Service

We go above and beyond to earn your trust and demonstrate our gratitude for being selected as your painting contractors. Our goal is to become your valued partner and resource for the future.

Brand Values


We look beyond our own success, and strive to see the success of our customers and team. We seek to understand their needs and learn how to improve their experience.


Trust is the secret of our success. We don’t believe in micromanaging our workforce, we believe in autonomy. We never disappoint our clients over the quality of work.


Our attitude is our gratitude. We are grateful to our clients for trusting us to paint their properties, and we appreciate our employees for going above and beyond our expectations.

Accountability & Ownership

Every individual at Go Painting takes full accountability and ownership of their work and this is reflected by our long-term clientele relationships.